Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hold off on the wailing and gnashing of teeth about that game, folks.  Our boys just manned up after an 0-2 start and won the division.  Win pretty, win ugly, it doesn't matter, JUST WIN, BABY!

Congrats team, and thanks for the ride.  Whip the Nerds for us, and you'll go down as one of my favorite UGA teams.

Oh yeah, and if you were at the game and not watching on tv, I hope you recorded it.  If you did, fast forward to the post game celebration, and watch the moment between Richt and his wife.  Richt's offense might not have scored much today, but I've got a feeling he's gonna be make up for it with some scoring of his own tonight.  :)

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!

More tomorrow.


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