Monday, November 28, 2011

Tech - SECCG

I'm traveling tomorrow and will be gone all week and probably won't be posting anything else this week (some of you will be happy) so I'll go ahead and give some quick Tech, season, and LSU thoughts.

  • Very solid win. We did exactly what we needed to. As the boys said earlier, I never felt the game was in doubt.
  • Both coordinators did a great job and have earned their paychecks.
  • Special teams was better than average but not quite great yet.
  • Aaron was his normal self, good at times, great at times, and a little off at times.
  • Was surprised that a lot of analyst thought that we'd be "looking ahead" and not ready for this game. This is the fourth time that we went into the Tech game before playing in the SECCG and that's never been an issue before. Oh well.


  • 10-2 and a SEC East championship. Honestly couldn't have asked for more when the season started. No matter how we got there, 10 wins is a great season. The only kind better is one of a historic championship nature.
  • There's no doubt we got lucky with the schedule but like I said the other day, we beat those bad teams. That hasn't been the case in recent years. I have no problem taking advantage of other schools troubled seasons. No one could have predicted just how bad UF would have been and we all knew that UT and Auburn were going to be garbage this year. They all had REALLY bad Saturday's and I'm okay with that.
  • I've been so impressed with Grantham's in-game adjustments. This has been an issue for me for years in all phases of the game. I love the fact that a team can look great on a couple of early drives and I'm still confident that at the end of the game, we'll look up at the score/stats knowing we dominated them.
  • Aaron has had a very good year but I honestly thought he was going to just be lights out. I'm going to try and put a lot of this on our thin OL, constant RB issues, and crazy young receivers. But he did miss a lot of open throws and had more picks than I'd like to see.
  • I have to give Rev credit for his early season worries about Crowell and injuries. Some kids just have the bug and bad luck and some are just soft. I'm not going to be the judge on Crowell or any player when it comes to injuries but the bottom line is that we need him on the field. I really hope we end up signing a couple of these big time RB's because as we found out this year, we might need every single one of them.

LSU (side note: thanks to my wonderful younger sister who I beat in basketball growing up, I will be attending the game)

  • I've got a lot of that Munson pessimism in me, so I'd put our chances of beating LSU at around 10%. Meaning that I think we could beat them 1 out of 10 games.
  • The LSU offense is nothing to be afraid of but run for your life when it comes to that defense and playmakers.
  • I think the lack of a running game is going to kill us. I'm not counting on Crowell being healthy enough to make a difference.
  • We won't have time for long developing pass plays, so we'll need to be on with quick timing routes. And I don't mean bubble screens and RB screens, they have too much speed for that. I'm talking about 4 yard slants, crossing routes with picks, and quick outs. I want to see Orson turn around after 5 yards on a hook instead of running down the seams.
  • Hopefully I'm wrong and the offensive line plays great, Murray has time, and our running game is successful.
  • But since I don't think this will happen, I think LSU beats us pretty bad. I've watched all of LSU's big games and I just can't see this being close. Having said that, Iowa St did beat Okie St and Texas Tech did beat Oklahoma. We're a lot closer to LSU than those teams were in those games.
  • The only way we win this game is with turnovers, if our Defense completely dominates and takes the ball a way a lot, we can win.
  • At the end of the day, our offense makes too many mistakes and LSU rolls on.
  • Dawgs 13 - Tigers 37
I'm hoping for a Cotton Bowl bid against Kansas State.


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