Monday, November 7, 2011

Thoughts From The New Mexico State Game

Well, we a lot.  And we even beat the a lot.  Like LC said yesterday, this game was just what the doctor ordered.  I can't tell you how many times I was asked the question by opposing fans last week, "How the heck did you guys manage to get a team like New Mexico State this late into your schedule?"  The timing was certainly fortunate on a couple of levels, being physically banged up coming out of Jacksonville, as well as the suspensions.  Speaking of the suspensions, it sounds like the 3 Doobie Brothers got a lot of extra conditioning work in last week with early morning work as well as sled work during practices.  Perhaps that will be a blessing in disguise, and Crowell will actually be able to last for 4 quarters this week.  We're gonna need him.  Anyway, the game Saturday didn't lend itself to much analysis, but here's just a few things I noticed:

- I know it was just New Mexico State, but I agree with Richt that Bobo did a nice job calling this game.  
- The offensive line was dominant, as they should have been.  Even the 2nd string OL looked much better than what people described from the Coastal Carolina game (I did not see the Coastal game, I'm just going off what people had said).  Nice to see Austin Long getting some action - we need all the bodies we can get right now.
- Loved watching how hard Harton and Karempelis were running.  Who knows how many carries either of them will get on gameday in the future (Harton probably has a decent chance), but both are now in the record books as having scored touchdowns for the University of Georgia.  That's gotta be a good feeling for those guys.
- But seriously, Richt & McClendon, you couldn't put Harton in for one more carry and let him break 100 yards?
- Before it's all said and done, I'm not so sure that Conley won't be our most complete receiver from the Dream Team class.  And that's no insult to Mitchell, just a compliment to how impressed I've been with Conley the past couple of weeks.
- The defense played as expected (including the obligatory reference to getting burned on the wheel route).

Again, all in all, this was exactly what we needed going into the homestretch.  Our schedule couldn't have laid out anymore perfectly......the week prior to our last 3 tough games of the year were an off week (before FL), a WAC team (before Auburn), and a very weak Kentucky team (before Tech).  You can't ask for a better set up than that late in the year.  Now it's up to the boys to take care of business.  Athens is gonna be a zoo on Saturday.


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