Monday, November 28, 2011

Thoughts from the Tech Game

Beating Tech just never gets old, does it?  SimpleMan touched on it in his prediction for the game last week, beating them is kinda like beating your younger sibling growing don't necessarily derive a huge sense of accomplishment from it, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy it every time.  I really didn't have any doubts that we would win this game convincingly as long as we didn't do anything stupid.  Tech's defense is just terrible, especially their secondary.  The only reason their season defensive stats are somewhat respectable is because their offense eats up so much of the clock every game that the opposing offense doesn't get as many chances to put up yards and points.  But when your defense has the ability to get off the field against them, your offense should have a field day every time.  It was fun running all over them in 2009, but the past two years, there has been no reason to run the ball, except just occasionally to keep them honest.  The passing game has been there for the taking, and Bobo did a nice job with his playcalling to exploit that.  Here are a few more observations:

- Murray did a nice job several times of stepping up to avoid pressure, then either completing the pass or running for chunks of yards.  He had two bad misses (one to King, one to Mitchell), but he was accurate for the majority of the game.  He rebounded very well from the Kentucky performance.
- I really hope Crowell is able to be healthy, and play the entire game this week.  Malcome had some nice runs late once the game was basically decided, but none of the RB's were able to find any space in the first half.
- The defense did a great job of limiting blown assignments.  Tech got us a few times, but it was nothing compared to last year.
- Once again, Grantham did a great job making adjustments.  He referenced having to adjust to that inside dive by the A backs that they gashed us on 3 or 4 times, but once the guys figured that out, Tech really had nothing.  I was also surprised Tech didn't connect on a couple of more big pass plays early (although the wheel route was there, but Washington missed him).  It's just so easy to give up big pass plays when you're so focused on stopping the option, but the defense for the most part was solid in all phases.
- Butler had a fantastic game.
- Orson Charles looked like he was twice the size of anybody in their secondary, they didn't look like they even WANTED to tackle him.  He got a fortunate bounce on the fumble, but he had a great game regardless, I wish he could have had a TD to top it off.
- Once again, I have fallen in love with this group of receivers.  None are superstars (yet), but every one of them is a big play waiting to happen.

I had predicted us to go 9-3 this year based on our talent and schedule, so I am thrilled with the final result of the regular season.  Granted, I had thrown that out the window after our 0-2 start and was just hoping for an 8-4 season at that point, but this team proved all us naysayers wrong.  I have a lot of thoughts about our game at the Dome this weekend that I'll put in a separate post tomorrow, but for now I am just as proud as can possibly be of the entire program.........coaches, players, everybody..........regardless of what happens on Saturday.


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