Saturday, November 12, 2011

UGA - AU Live Blog

END OF 3RD:  Folks, that's it for me tonight, unless something crazy bizarre happens in the 4th qtr.  The Dawgs are currently driving in Auburn territory again, and Crowell is showing some grit which is nice to see.  Let's just get out of this last quarter with no injuries, then enjoy the celebration.  This team has come a LONNNNGGG way, and I don't give a damn who we didn't have to play this year, we've earned the right to be leading the East right now.  Congrats to Richt and the whole team, and GO DAWGS!

3rd qtr, 5:37 to go:  Ogletree strips Dyer, and I think it was Gilliard who came up with the football.  As the cameras cut away, I'm pretty sure I could see Chizik calling the bus drivers and telling them to rev up the engines.  It's gonna be a good night in Athens, wish I was there!

3rd qtr, 7:32 to go:  UGA pounds it down the field and eats up a ton of clock.  Bogotay splits the uprights for a 38-7 lead.  Auburn looks about as interested in this game as Russ does over on the sideline.

HALFTIME:  I mocked Ted Roof, but on the flip side gotta give props to Bobo....hell props to the whole team and staff.  The defense started a little slow, but has quickly adjusted.  Both sides of the ball, AND EVEN SPECIAL TEAMS (until Butler's punt), are playing like a well prepared, well coached team that has fire in its belly again.  Isn't it great enjoying watching our games?  UGA 35, Auburn 7, and you wonder if Auburn will sniff the endzone again.

2nd qtr, 5:00 to go:  Murray to Mitchell, pitch and catch, this is a joke at this point.  I hope Auburn signs Ted Roof to a 10 year, unbreakable contract extension.  UGA 35, War Tiggers 7.

2nd qtr, 8:00 to go:  Another three and out by the defense.  Grantham brought 3 LB's on a blitz - and all three got to the QB.  Gotta love that!

2nd qtr, 9:41 to go:  Rambo with a pick 6!  Got a celebration penalty afterwards, but 28-7 Dawgs.  The defense looked great right there on all 3 plays.  Now let's see if we can bury these guys, of if we let them back in.

2nd qtr, 10:36 to go:  BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We finally went back to the FB in the flat, and Figgins rumbles in for a TD.  21-7, good guys.

2nd qtr, 13:09 to go:  The football gods must like us again.  Auburn gives it right back on an equally terrible fumble, Geathers with the recovery.  LET'S GO DAWGS!

2nd qtr, 13:16 to go:  Terrible fumble by Crowell, who was untouched, then a less than inspiring effort to try to recover it.  Auburn takes over near midfield on the turnover.

End of 1st qtr:  One of the few times Malzahn has been predictable.  I saw that draw play coming from a mile away, and apparently so did Abry Jones & Christian Robinson.  Barring a special teams breakdown, UGA is about to get the ball back to start the 2nd qtr.   Other than that last play, Malzahn has kept us off balance with the passing game and misdirection in the running game.  I gotta think we'll adjust to that misdirection as the game wears on.  Boykin is injured, though not sure how serious yet.  That could end up being a big deal though.

1st qtr, 3:02 to go:  Dang, this is shaping up to be a MAC game.  UGA flies right back down the field.  Murray hit Marlon Brown on a beautiful 25 yard pass where he threw it before Brown even made his break.  Then he throws a perfect pass to Bennett, who laid out for it in the endzone and brought it in.  To this point, this is the best Murray has looked this year.  Let's hope he can stay in that mental zone for the next 3 hours or so.

1st qtr, 6:13 to to:  Well, that didn't take long.  Auburn goes down the field with the passing game, and receives little to no resistance from the UGA defense.  Then they capped it off with a clever playcall from Malzahn to score.  Knotted at 7.

1st qtr, 8:57 to go: Nice opening drive, even if we did need the first generous spot for UGA from an SEC officiating crew in recent memory.  Now let's see if we can tackle somebody on the kickoff.  Score is 7-0, good guys, as Murray and King hook up on a nice little slant route.

1st qtr, 13:00 to go - UGA gets the first break of the game.  No way Crowell picked up that first down.

Pregame - Well, the 'Cocks refused to make the path easy for us, but then what HAS been easy this year?  Let's hope the boys come out fired up and ready to play.  

Assuming my young ones cooperate, I'll be adding my sometimes humorous, occasionally insightful thoughts during the game here.  Feel free to add your own comments as well.


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