Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Survived Upset Saturday

This was just a bizarre weekend in college football.  Obviously Oklahoma State started things off on Friday night, but even Corso decided to get in on the action and dropped an F-Bomb on live TV (h/t Leather Helmet Blog) to start the day yesterday. WARNING - Adult language ahead:

Herbstreit and Fowler both just wanted to crawl under the desk and hide after that one, I believe.  Just a wild guess here, but I'm guessing Mr. Corso will be otherwise occupied during the Gameday broadcast this upcoming weekend.

Anyway, after that, things just continued to get crazy.  The endings of the Oklahoma-Baylor, USC-Oregon, and FSU-VA games were mixtures of bad coaching decisions (Stoops not letting the clock run out in regulation, Kelly keeping all his timeouts in his back pocket), penalties, and just poor execution.  Then you had Clemson, who apparently peaked back in their Va Tech game.  It's one thing to be upset, it's another to lose 37-13 to a .500 team when you are in the top 10.  Florida and Auburn both at times looked like they might find ways to lose to FCS schools.  I'm saying all that to say this.....


That performance against Kentucky was as ugly a win as you can see, but it was a win.  Everyone on offense was off their game.  Bobo had some curious play calls, though it's not like he had a lot of time to plan to have to rely solely on Harton and Malcome.  Even if we have to rely on those guys against Tech, with plenty of time to plan in advance, I actually feel pretty confident that Bobo will come into the game with a good gameplan.  And in Bobo's defense yesterday, there were a number of times that he had the perfect playcall on, and the guys just didn't execute.  After having 2 great weeks, Murray regressed back to his head-scratching self.  When he wasn't overthrowing guys, it was mainly because he was underthrowing them.  And Harton and Malcome both have a long way to go in pass protection.  Hopefully a lot of reps this week will help.  After his fumble, I actually thought Boo looked pretty good, but it was clear to me that the coaches don't trust him in pass protection.  I think Harton was on the field for almost every pass play, it seemed like if Boo was on the field, it was a running play every time (don't quote me on that, I haven't watched the replay, that was just the impression I got as the game wore on).

But, WE WON!

There was also a lot of good that came out of this game.  Chief among them is the division championship.  That was so badly needed for the program at this point.  Walsh was 4 for 4 on field goal attempts, and they were all solid kicks.  The defense was OUTSTANDING, that poor freshman QB for Kentucky is going to barely be able to roll out of bed this morning.  Butler got back into his groove with a matter of fact, outside of Bogotay's shank, special teams all the way around looked good.  And the offense did enough to win, despite losing the top 2 RB's.  And of course with Samuel being out, we were really playing with our 4th and 5th string backs.  And if you consider that Ealey and King were supposed to be on the team this year, we were REALLY down to our 6th and 7th string backs.  Any team that is having to dig that deep into their RB depth is going to have some struggles, so I'm proud of the guys for fighting through it. 

Bring on the Nerds.  Even if Crowell and Thomas are out, I believe in this team.  I have officially chugged a full pitcher of the Kool-Aid.  These guys know how to win the ugly, close games, and I have a feeling that's what we are going to find ourselves in on Saturday.  Plus, we will have Jarvis Jones, and they won't....that's good enough for me.



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