Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What If?

Blutarsky wrote about it yesterday, but in sum, Grantham has become a hot commodity (according to his agent) as a potential NFL DC next season or a head coach on the college level.
As he noted, Grantham does have an out in his contract to take another position as a head coach, but nothing else.

Now, the question at hand is this: With our turnaround, being on the cusp of winning the SEC East, the emergence of the D to Vangorder levels, etc., if Richt comes back, but Grantham leaves, how will you feel?
I have a well-documented man crush on Grantham. I find myself looking forward to watching our defense more than our offense. I love his intensity, I love how his players love to play for him and how they note how prepared he is and thus how prepared they are, I love what potential recruits say about him. I could go on & on.
If he leaves to take a DC job in the NFL, I wouldn't really blame him. That's the highest he can go as a coordinator, but I would really hate it. Also, if he left to take a head coaching job, I wouldn't kvetch too much, but I would if he did a BVGesque move to a school like GA Southern. If he took, say, the Ole Miss job or something along those lines, it'd be hard to blame him.

My answer to my own question is this: I want Richt back, but I lump he & Grantham in the same deal. If Grantham leaves, I don't feel as good about anything. Granted, he's not the only DC out there, but based on where we were and where we are (and where we may be headed), I do not want him to leave. If McGarity feels good about Richt and Richt feels good about staying, I hope they back up the truck and show Grantham some monetary love.

What say ye?

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