Friday, December 16, 2011


As competitive as I am, I want us to win every game, including bowl games. I love taking pride in where we rank in bowl history: # of bowls played (6th), bowl wins (T-4th), different bowls played in (not sure about this one but at one point a few years ago, I think we were #1). Having said that, I try to remind myself every year how absolutely ridiculous bowls are.

I love college football but will not be watching over half the bowls because so many have awful match-ups with schools that most people couldn't locate on a map. The layoff between games is the biggest problem I have with bowls. In what world do you have teams rest a month and then play one last game. Yes, most of these games are meaningless but that doesn't make the win or loss count less. There can even be an argument that they are a little more meaningful because it "proves" which conferences are the best, which can have major implications in following years. Auburn was left out of the title game after a perfect 2004 season but because of recent history, there's no way a SEC team would get left out again anytime soon.
[Note: This will obviously be the SEC's 6th straight BCS title but it will also be the first BCS Championship loss for a SEC team.]

The players love the bowls because they get a little vacation somewhere, get to see new things, and most importantly get gifts. The one time a year the NCAA actually says it's okay to receive things you don't pay for. Some bowls are fun to go to for fans also, like a little vacation for us as well. I know I enjoyed my New Year's in Orlando, Tampa, and New Orleans.

But at the end of the day, this should be all about football. I'm a huge playoff proponent because I'm a very rational person and it just makes sense. I'm okay with anything up to 12 teams. This could mirror the NFL model with 4 byes and 4 total rounds of playoffs. I'd still be okay with 6 or 8 but 12 seems like a perfect number to me.
  • Drop about 10 bowls and move the rest to the Saturday's before Christmas or maybe the week between Christmas and New Year's. I'd rather them all get moved up but understand the arguments that it's the only game on (revenue) and most schools have finished up finals.
  • The playoffs should start 2 weeks after the conference championship games (on Saturday's) with teams possibly getting a bye if the numbers work out. This year the first round would have started on 12/17 with the championship game on 1/7.
  • Higher ranked teams get to play home games and the championship game is obviously rotated between the BCS bowls.
  • All playoff games are on Saturday's with possible exception of NCG.

Other options can include having regional bowls host semi-final games but I think that's just too much hassle for the fan base. I'm also okay moving the first round up a week but that could put the championship game still in December (in which case it could be moved to Jan 1 or 2).

The only argument I'll ever need is that you can win all your games and not get a chance to win a championship. I'd like to hear your thoughts and arguments against playoffs. I'm ready to debate.


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