Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Climbing Back In The Saddle - And Offseason Plans for the Blog

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or whatever else you may celebrate.  We kind of took an impromptu sabbatical from the blog, but I think we're ready to get rolling again.  I started doing some previews of Michigan State 2 weeks ago, if you want to check the Overview and Offense previews.  I'm shooting to have the preview of their Defense up tomorrow.

There was some big news news yesterday out of Columbia that Spurrier has decided to promote their secondary coach to replace Ellis Johnson, you can read about it at Leather Helmet Blog here.  Hmmmmm.........promoting the secondary coach to retain stability and familiarity from the previous guy?  I can only hope this works out as well for them as it did for us.  I'm really surprised that Spurrier didn't go out and try to make a home run hire on this one.  Maybe he did try, and just didn't feel like he could pull it off.  It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Also, check out one of my favorite Christmas presents, got a set of 4 of these (I'm a wine lover, for those who don't know - I even drink wine at our tailgates.......somebody's gotta class the place up a bit):

The "G" is actually engraved into the glass, I love them.  I refer to them as my Royal Chalice set!

We're going to be expanding the view of the blog during the offseason a bit.  Obviously the news items are a bit slower, and it's not like we're going to find any nuggets that guys like Blutarsky and EC Dawg haven't already found - it amazes me how good those guys are.  Our focus will still be primarily on UGA, but you're probably going to see some NBA stuff from LC (for the 3 or 4 other NBA fans out there besides him), some more of the outdoors stuff from SimpleMan (hiking, running, etc), and I'm planning on doing a Weight Loss Chronicles once or twice a week.  My weight has gotten way out of control the past 6 months or so, and the whole month from Thanksgiving to Christmas has just topped it off, so I gotta get off my lazy arse and start doing something.  I'm hoping by doing it in a public forum, it'll help keep me motivated, and hope some of you folks will jump in with me.

For non-UGA posts, we'll try to make it obvious in the post titles.  That way, for those of you who come to us through Dawgbone, if it's not something you're interested in, you'll easily be able to skip over it. But we hope you'll enjoy some variety over the next few months.


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