Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus Frivolities

Happy Festivus, er'body! Please have your aluminum pole ready and prepare for the Airing of Grievances, followed by the feats of strength. May a Festivus miracle bless you all!

I came across this earlier today and it made me laugh, then smirk...then worry. Either way, give it a look.

American Horror Story wrapped up it's first season with a very interesting season finale. I was wondering how exactly they were going to end it, but it was done very well. I don't, however, see the 2 main characters coming back next year in their new roles, but what do I know.

Dexter wrapped up season 6 with a finale that was a long time coming. I cannot wait (yet, I have to) to see how they proceed with his secret being out after being discovered by a key character. If you haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil it. I know Simple Man was catching up via Netflix, so I'll keep quiet now.

One of the best shows of the season, Homeland, also wrapped up this past Sunday. I sign up for Showtime in the Fall just for Dexter, but thought I'd give Homeland a shot since it aired immediately afterwards. What a great show. If you didn't see it and/or don't have Showtime, I highly recommend renting it via whatever means possible when it comes out.

This week has been full of Christmas cheer (for some), but next week we'll be in full-on Dawg mode before the big game vs. Michigan State. This matchup has to feature the 2 most evenly matched teams of any of the other bowls.

Amidst all the coaching shuffling going on, I just want to say I'm glad it ain't us. I'm also glad that Spurrier lost his gem of a DC. I hope he finds a real turd for us to torment next year.

Speaking of coaching, how about Richt's generosity? The man is a lot of things and one of them is a Damn Good Boss.

Onward & upward, kids. Happy Festivus & Merry Christmas.

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