Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Frivolities

Contrary to rumors, I will NOT be heading to Texas A & M to write for one of their blogs, Steers & Quee...well, you get the idea.
Onto Friday's Frivolities:

American Horror story continues to get bettah and bettah. For those of you that bailed on the show, you might want to do your best to catch up. It's the perfect blend of "crazy" and "dammit, boy".

I've recently become a big fan of The League (FX). Some pals were all over me for not watching it as it was airing (it's now in season 3, about to wrap up), but seasons 1 & 2 are streaming on Netflix. It's easily one of the funniest shows on TV. I had never heard of nor recalled seeing hardly of the actors & actresses, but they are absolutely perfect in their roles.

I know Rev forbids political discussions on here, but I hated to see Herman Cain drop out of the Presidential race. He touched so many people...

Another thing Rev forbids is NBA discussions, but I haven't followed instructions since elementary school (and even that is up for debate). The lockout is over and the 66-game season starts on Christmas Day.
For those of you that do follow, there was a trade yesterday involving Chris Paul (one of the best, if not the best, PGs in the league) to the LA Lakers and another team was involved with multiple players being scattered about. Well, Paul plays/played for the New Orleans Hornets...owned by the NBA for the time being because their owner filed bankruptcy last season. The other owners were at a meeting in NY when the story broke and they "urged" the NBA Commissioner, David Stern, to rescind the trade because it didn't look good for a league-owned team to ship one of the best players in the game to an already loaded Lakers squad. 2 hours after the trade was announced, Stern did indeed rescind the trade for "basketball reasons". Paul reportedly lost his sh*t and is considering legal action against the league. And you thought The Real Housewives of (insert location here) had good drama. Child, please.

Happy Friday, er'body. Onward & upward.

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