Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Frivolities

Happy Friday. Unless the cooky Mayans are correct, we'll be watching the Dawgs play this Monday for the last time until September when they storm the field to take on mighty Buffalo.
This matchup is getting the most ink for being the 2 most evenly matched teams. Every score prediction I've seen has this coming down to a FG and it's almost 50/50 to us winning vs. them taking home the W. Like Simple Man said previously, we need this W to help in recruiting and building positive momentum towards next season. We're almost assured a pre-season top 5 ranking with a win and minimal losses to the NFL.

There wasn't diddly pooh on the TV this week...unless you're an NBA fan.

My wife is recuperating from a surgical procedure she had before Christmas, so we've been wearing out the PPVs and movie rentals. The best one I've seen in quite some time is Warrior (starring Tom Hardy; he is the villain Bane in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises releasing this July). It's a Rocky-ish movie that has a great backstory and nut-clenching action in the UFC-style fights. I highly recommend you adding this one to your must-see list.

We also saw Abduction (starring future Oscar winner Taylor Lautner from the Twilight movies; I loathe this douchebag with every fiber of my being. He scowls and menaces and is about as menacing as your random pissed off 8th grader. I kept hoping he'd get his ass kicked, but he never did, so I give the movie a resounding F) which I loathed.

Our Idiot Brother (The Washaun Ealey Story) was terrible. I love Paul Rudd, but this was putrid and I stopped it about halfway thru. To redeem him, I popped in Knocked Up and the universe went back into perfect balance.

The SEC-slate of bowl games begin tonight w/ MS State taking on mighty Wake Forest. I generally pull for SEC teams in bowls, but I don't see it happening in the Urban Bowl (no explanation necessary) or the CFA Bowl. I've developed quite the dislike of AU in the past year, so I guess I'll sit there and sip while watching with muted interest. Then again, maybe I don't even care about watching AU & VA play.

Happy New Year to all of our faithful readers and commenters. Onward & upward and to Hell with Georgia Tech.

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