Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindle Fire review

I love technology but have also gotten cheaper over the years, so as much as I love the idea of the iPad, I just can't see spending that much money for a toy (except my ski gear this year). My little netbook finally died so I decided to try the Kindle Fire, since my whole family has the regular Kindle's and have been happy with them. The reviews have been bad since it's release and I've had a few issues with mine but overall, I got pretty much exactly what I was expecting.

If you're looking for a computer or a full purpose tablet, then look elsewhere, but if you understand that you're buying an e-reader with some tablet/mobile functionality, then proceed. It's basically a big iPod Touch.

The Good
  • Apps
  • buying books, music, etc is easy
  • no problem with reading books, font and ease of use are great
  • Amazon has a cloud to store data. Yes, it's only available when you're connected to wi-fi (there's no 3G service) but I usually use mine around home anyway.
  • the color and screen resolution is very clear (video is good)
  • size is good for a lot of things.....and bad for others (see below)

The Bad

  • size makes some things a little hard to read like magazines and depending on your eyesight, webpages
  • it's froze on me twice already and I'm not using it that much
  • disappointed with the battery, I'd say you can get around 10-12 hrs of reading but maybe half that if watching video like Netflix
  • terrible glare, so much that I'll have to get some type of glare guard
  • the main screen is annoying because it keeps a running track of everything you've done to scroll through and you currently can't edit it

Summary - Just know what you're buying. I find it a very good value for $199 but you get what you pay for, so don't expect an iPad for that price. If you just want an e-reader, I'd stay with the regular Kindle because it has no glare anywhere and has an incredible battery life. But if you want something with a little more functionality, give it a try.

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