Monday, December 5, 2011

Outback Bowl Matchup - Early Thoughts

I know I may be in the minority here, but I am actually excited about the matchup with Michigan State.  Even though we have played them recently, the teams are completely different now.  And I'll go ahead on record now and predict that this will be one of the most entertaining games of the bowl season.  Two excellent defenses, and pretty equal offenses as well.  More thoughts later.

Oh yeah, and about SC getting a better bowl than us since we lost in the SECCG, just remember we have benefited from that scenario in the past too.  In 2007, had we actually made it to the Dome and lost to LSU, we would not have been selected to play in a BCS bowl.  As it was, we got to sit at home and coast into the Sugar Bowl and ultimately a #2 ranking.  It's not fair, but the conference championship game losers pretty much always fall in the bowl pecking order.  You can stomp your feet and throw a tantrum about it all you want, but it happens every year, and ultimately isn't worth getting worked up over.  We are going to a good bowl, with a great opponent, and I'm excited.  Go Dawgs!


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