Sunday, December 4, 2011

SECCG and Bowl

Everyone knows what we did great and what we did poorly. I thought we'd need a perfect game to win and I was right. I knew we were in big trouble when we dominated the first half and walked in with only a 3 point lead. The 2 things you can't do against a great team are miss opportunities and make mistakes. We did just enough of both to make a close game get out of hand as fast as I can ever remember.

Sitting there during the 3rd quarter I look up at the Dome scoreboard and think, "this is ridiculous, they probably don't have 100 yards of offense yet and are up 21-10". But that's exactly what they do. They don't make mistakes and take advantage of every opportunity.

Still very happy with the season and the effort for most of the game. I think it's just too hard to put so much energy into something, miss a few breaks, and keep the same level of focus and energy. I hate that the final score was so bad because it never really felt like we were getting outplayed nearly that bad. Unfortunately though, the game went pretty much exactly as I thought it would.

So freaking disappointed with the clocks. How is it that a $2 egg timer can do something better than a multi-million facility. It seems like the play clock has issues in about every 5th game I attend and it blows my mind.

As far as the bowl goes, get ready for a bloomin onion. I said it a month ago that since I moved from Tampa this summer, we were guaranteed a trip to the Outback. I know it's not the pecking order but all of this stuff kind of runs together and I have it on good authority that South Carolina and the Outback Bowl don't get along, so don't be surprised if they get selected ahead of us.


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