Saturday, December 3, 2011

SECCG Live Blog

3rd qtr, clock not working:  Big Mistake #3, Honey Badger makes about 25 guys miss and gets it deep in our territory again on another punt return.  A few plays later, it's 21-10.  Again, this is what LSU does, stay patient on offense, let defense and special teams make the big plays.  We played with great effort in the first half, but the missed opportunities for TD's doomed us, or at least that's the way it looks now.  This game is dangerously close to being blown open by LSU.

3rd qtr, 13:48 to go:  Big mistake #2.  Murray scrambles, gets hit, and fumbles deep in our own territory.  Two plays later, it's 14-10 LSU.  This is what LSU does.

HALFTIME:  The defense has backed up every bit of their pre-game talk so far.  Still a long second half to play though, and the offense is going to have to step up and match the defense's performance if we are going to win.  Georgia takes a 10-7 lead into the locker room.

2nd Qtr, 5:48 to go:  On cue, there it is, the big mistake.  UGA lets the Honey Badger take a punt return to the house.  UGA still up 10-7, but you can feel the momentum has totally switched.  The Dawgs need a big play, and soon.

2nd Qtr, 8:15 to go:  I'll tell you what, these two punters showed up to play today.  Boykin nearly gives LSU the type of turnover they've been thriving all year on when he muffs a punt, but fortunately the ball takes a friendly bounce and he recovers.  That's what LSU does though, they stay patient and wait on you to make the mistake.  If we can keep from making that mistake.....well, I'm not going to let myself get optimistic just yet.

End of 1st Qtr:  Phenomenal quarter by the defense, and an up and down quarter by the offense.  It should easily be 21-0 right now, so I hope those 11 points don't come back to haunt us.  The team is playing with an unbelievable intensity.  Hopefully our equipment guys have a can of that spray that Orlando Jones used in The Replacements for our WR's.  

1st qtr, 7:35 to go:  Ouch.  The Dawgs blow multiple opportunities on that drive, including Malcolm Mitchell dropping an easy touchdown pass.  Then Walsh finds his mid-season form to miss a 45 yard field goal.  With Tavarres King and Malcolm Mitchell both failing to come up with touchdown catches, what should be a 14-0 lead is only 3-0.  Not the way to beat the #1 team in the country.

1st qtr, 11:45 to go:  Defense with a great three and out, then the offense moves the ball down with a big pass play, but stalls and ends with a FG.  No rushes at all, and Crowell doesn't see the field.  Then Richt gets sneaky and calls for the onsides kick and it works.  First down, UGA.

PREGAME:  both Crowell and Thomas announced as the starting tailback, so who knows what is going to happen.  SimpleMan says we're gonna be the first team to ever draw a flag for an Illegal Starting Lineup.

Will be blogging during the game today, check back and feel free to leave you thoughts dueing the game too.


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