Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on the Bball Dawgs - Guest Post

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I have yet to watch the basketball team play this year, I've had something going on whenever they've been on tv. However, ugavet76 (my dad, for those who don't know) has watched us, and here are his thoughts:

We still have a bowl game to play, but hoops has started andI enjoy college bball as well. I alreadyhave tickets to the two games that fit in my schedule and have watched twice onTV and listened to other games on the radio. Let me preface this by saying that I like Mark Fox and I know Georgia isnot nearly the basketball state that, say, Indiana is.

We got killed by Tech on the court last night. We were ok the first half. Then our outside shooting was non existentand we have no inside game. We wentquite some time without scoring in the second half. The loss would have been worse except we doplay a little defense.

So I have a question. Why can’t we recruit big power forwards or good centers? Fox has shown that he can coach. What he hasn’t shown is that he canrecruit. The little school known asButler in Indianapolis can play with the big boys. (I lived in Indianapolis in my younger yearsand have been on the Butler campus. Iused to go swimming there. Swimming anddiving are big in Indiana, too. Getskinda cold in the winter, so indoor sports get more attention I suppose). But we can’t seem to find enough good, bigplayers that want to come to a college with the kind of facilities and programsGeorgia offers. You only need five startersand five or six to come off the bench.

Rev told me we are recruiting against years ofmediocrity. I don’t accept that as anexcuse. Recruiting is a combination ofart and science. I know the bigestablished programs will get the very top talent, but we really look bad rightnow. I don’t even think we are secondtier. After all, Butler is not exactlyan established big program. And yet theymade a run deep into March madness for two years.

We have immediate opportunities for playing time and greatfacilities and a good coach. He just hasnot been able to sell it to the right players.

Again, I really like Coach Fox. I just think he needs to learn how to recruitsmarter. Other coaches know how it is done. I hope he can turn this team around, but Ithink one or two talented players are not going to cut it. Looks like it will be a long season. Our hope lies in recruiting for next year. Let’s hope Coach Fox finds the magic.

What do you guys think? I do feel that our 100+ years of mediocrity are a big recruiting stumbling point, but to his point above, lots of programs have overcome that - a more relevant comparison to us is what Bruce Pearl did in turning UT from a program pretty much like UGA's into a top 15 program (yes, Pearl got caught doing some shady stuff, but I honestly think he would have accomplished the same thing without doing the shady things he did. Players seemed to genuinely want to come play for him). I love Fox and think he's brought stability to the program, but what needs to happen for him to win on the recruiting trail?


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