Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thoughts on the Season and Beyond

As the 2nd half of the SECCG unraveled faster than a Kardashian sham, I mean marriage, I really couldn't sit there and lose my mind. We have come so, so far since last season. Huge steps since our program fell off the cliff after the 2007 season (we had a good record in 2008 and won the Capital One Bowl game vs. Michigan State, but we were by no means a good team).

We have much to be proud of as fans and much to be excited about, as well. We return a lot of talent next year and the only ones that have so much as hinted (or haven't shot it down like Jarvis Jones did) about leaving early are Rambo & Charles, but that's a topic for another day.

I've never been as disappointed in the team as I was after (and during) the loss to Boise. We looked like a team that wasn't just unprepared, but like we didn't want to be there. We looked like a team that quit on its' coach. We looked like a team that was going to have a new coach the following season.

Lucky for us, Richt did what he had to do in terms of personnel adjustments, player overhauls and overall attitude. Hell, even Bobo seemed to break from the script as the season wore on and took what the defense gave him. That was especially nice.

Year 2 in Grantham's 3-4 D was fantastic. We got the NT we had to have and our LBs played magnificently. Recruits are salivating over coming here to play in it and that's such a welcome result, that I really don't know what to do. Anyone sitting at home, fan or recruit, this past Saturday when Gary Danielson heaped praise upon our D had to feel their pants tighten. It's been way too long since that's been said.

While much has been made about Crowell's attitude, conditioning and propensity for limping off the field, the kid did bring it on the field this year. Maybe not every down, maybe not as much as we would have liked, but if he's back next year, he'll be better and hopefully more mature. We remain the frontrunner for Keith Marshall's services and if we do land him, we'll likely posses one of the best running duos in the country...or according to some, a replacement.

Above all, I'd like to have do overs on those first 2 games so we could get screwed out of the BCS Championship Game. That'd be fun.

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