Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UGA Bowls under CMR

By the numbers in the CMR era...........

  • been to a bowl in all 11 seasons
  • this is our second trip to the Outback, we also have 3 Sugar's, 2 Capital One's, 1 Chick, Music, Independence, and Liberty
  • that means we've played in Florida 4 times, *Louisiana 3 times, and *Georgia and Tennessee twice
  • this is also our second time playing Michigan St, the only repeat team during these 11 games (won 24-12 in 2008 Cap One)
  • we are currently sitting at 7-3 in our previous 10 bowl games with the 3 losses being by 4, 3, and 4 points respectively and one of those wins coming in overtime.....our only overtime bowl game
  • we are 2-1 in bowls after playing in the SECCG and NEVER lost a bowl game after we lost the SECCG (yes, that's only once)
  • are 3-0 against Big 10 teams and 5-1 in January games with the only loss coming on our only Jan 2 bowl game
  • average 28.1 points on offense and 19.2 points on defense

*one Sugar Bowl was in Georgia due to hurricane

Don't have the time to look up turnovers and such but at least looking at the numbers, we normally come prepared for these games.


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