Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weis Heads West

Looks like the offensive genius (mainly just offensive this past season) is taking his talents to the corn fields: Charlie Weis has clicked his heels and headed to Kansas to replace Turner Gill.
He either decided he didn't want to be an assistant just to benefit his son or he and Muschamp were pure oil & water (as expected).

First Urban raids the Gator staff and now this. In my best Seinfeld voice, "That's a shame."


UPDATE: According to Blutarsky, Muschamp didn't even know Weis had interviewed for the job and was on the way to the Gator Bowl press conference when someone told him Weis had accepted the job. I can only imagine the BOOM, EMEFFERs that came from his mouth whether he still wanted him there or not.

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