Thursday, January 5, 2012

ACC and BCS title game

West Virgina just scored again.

Clemson, really, really. 70 points and WV could have gotten to 100. That has to be the most embarrassing loss for not just any school in a BCS game, but for any conference. The ACC shouldn't get the BCS money associated with that game.

In regards to the BCS title game rematch, what do you all think? Should it have been a rematch and who do you think will win? Also, if Bama wins, would you have a problem with LSU getting a split title?

I'm actually totally indifferent to the rematch aspect. I think it sucks for LSU to have to play someone they already beat in their own stadium but I have no doubt that Bama is the second best team in the country. A nice little playoff would have settled this but oh well.

As far as the outcome, I'm leaning with Bama. They did outplay LSU the first game and it's hard to say this after leaving the Dome back in December, but I think Bama's defense is better. LSU has to make a mistake at some point on offense right?

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