Thursday, January 19, 2012

Congrats to Men's BBall on First SEC Win

I was able to watch the team play last night for the first time in a while, and it was impressive how hard they played on defense. It was not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination, neither team hit the 40 point mark until there were only 5 minutes left in the game, but there were several times near the end of regulation where the team could have easily folded and didn't. There were probably four or five possessions in the last couple of minutes for the Vols where I was thinking to myself "If they score here, we're not going to recover", and every time the Dawgs made a play to keep it close. Gerald Robinson was our only real scoring threat for much of the night, and Tennessee was bigger and stronger than us down low, but our guys really gutted it out.

Fox still has a long way to go in recruiting to build this team up, but I continue to be impressed with his ability to motivate the team. Our record is not going to be overly impressive this year, but much like with the football team, I can handle a loss if the guys left everything they had on the court (or field). If they continue to scrap like they did last night, they're going to give opponents everything they can handle this year, and win a few that they really shouldn't. I still believe Fox can get us there in recruiting, he just has to be able to hold the team together in the meantime. Based on last night's performance, I'd say he's doing well with that, the players clearly respect him and want to play hard for him. My parents will be at the game on Saturday against Ole Miss, so I'm sure ugavet76 will have some comments afterwards.


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