Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts on the End of the Season

I don't know about you, but I was pretty indifferent to all the BCS bowls this year. I don't know if it was the way our bowl game turned out (I've never been so disgusted or irritated after a UGA game) or simply CFB fatigue, but I just wasn't into it.
I watched last night's game w/o one bit of emotion other than marveling at Bama's defense (and like Blutarsky said, we were able to score TDs on LSU).
I don't like the way Bama got there, but it's hard to argue given the current system. At least the LSU fans didn't have to travel far to watch the de-pantsing like Rev's South Carolina cohorts did for their trip to the Orange Bowl. Good Lord.

The VanGorder move to AU is huge. Not just huge in that he is a renowned DC, but huge in the fact that I'm very curious to see how this all plays out. The rumored reason he left UGA was that he wanted Richt to fire Garner. That obviously didn't happen, so he began his vagabond trek to & fro the NFL and is now back in the game on the Plains. There's another rumor that he would have come back after we fired Willie for $1 million/year and an apology. That sounds petty and manufactured, but who knows. Getting back to my original point, BVG is obviously a guy that likes control over his D (like Grantham has w/ us) and I don't see Chizik being very hands-off. Everyone with a pulse knows Saban runs Bama's D and Smart is his puppet, so to speak. I'm hoping Chizik meddles too much, inadvertently spits his gum on BVG during a game, causing BVG to snap and deck Trooper Taylor for no other reason that he's a thuggy douchebag. If there's any justice in the world, this will happen during our game.

On a related note, I'd be in full-blown postal mode if we still had Willie and/or an inept DC with this move, but I'm not. I'm more than comfortable with Grantham here and what he's done in just 2 years. Getting that Jenkins kid last night was huge. Expect more of this to follow.

This was mentioned last night during the BCS game, but Boise State's OC is on the move and Bama & Florida are both heavily bidding for his services. That is going to be very interesting, but you almost have to figure he'll choose Bama based on where they are and based on his history w/ Saban (dating back to their early careers in the NFL).

I'm normally sad in the sense the season is over and September is so far away, but not this time. This will undoubtedly change in a few months, tho, likely around G Day.

Thoughts on the end of the season, etc.?

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