Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rev's Outback Bowl Prediction

I've done the previews, and I've stated (as have many other people) how equally matched I believe these teams are.  That being said, I think we're a little better prepared for this game.  Our defenses are both very good, but I think our offense will be better prepared for their defense than they will be for ours, simply because of who we play throughout the year.  I know it's probably the SEC homer in me, but I feel like our offense has probably been battle tested against really good defenses (SC, Boise St, LSU, etc) moreso than their offense has.  Plus, as good a QB as I think Cousins is, the drop back passers are exactly what our pass rushers like to see.  I anticipate seeing a LOT of the short/quick passing game from MSU early in the game to nullify our pass rush, but eventually we're going to start getting to Cousins and causing some mistakes.  I see this as a one score game, but ultimately the good guys win:

MSU - 21
UGA - 27

What do you guys think?

GO DAWGS, and Happy New Year everyone!


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