Wednesday, January 25, 2012

UGA - Kentucky

Last night's score is no indication of how bad this basketball team is. I watched the entire second half and there were multiple 4 minute stretches where I never thought we'd score again. Pretty sure I was on the elliptical for 20 minutes and we were at 36 the entire time. LC, Rev, and I had an intramural team back in our UGA days and we hit more open shots than our boys did last night.

Ugavet76 was right on with his analysis of this team when he reviewed the Ole Miss game. We took more shots and had less turnovers but got absolutely dominated on the glass. We have pretty much zero offense and you aren't going to win many games when you get out rebounded by 21. Up until the last couple of minutes of the game, Kentucky had as many rebounds as we had points.

I also like Mark Fox but this can't continue. If we can't score, my focus would be getting all 5 guys to the glass on the defensive end. We can't afford to give up second and third chances on that end of the floor. Kentucky didn't look like the best team in the country last night but it was pretty clear to me that they were sleep walking through the game. They had a lot of blocks but really didn't play that tight of defense, we had plenty of open looks but just can't hit anything.

The one thing I don't buy is "rebuilding" in college basketball anymore. I mean freshmen are just too good and have too big of an impact. We have to start landing bigger recruits or we just can't compete. Maybe it's the arena but McGarity has to figure out what's needed and get it done. Atlanta has enough talent that we should always be in the top half of the SEC.


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