Monday, January 23, 2012

Ugavet76's Basketball Recap

As I'm sure most of you have seen already, the Dawgs lost to Ole Miss on Saturday. Ugavet76 was there, and here is the email he sent me afterwards:

Here are my thoughts about the game and the basketball program in general...

I went to the bball game against Ole Miss Saturday thinking I would see an improving team with a chance to win against another SEC team that had its own set of struggles. The game score turned out to be 66-63, but nothing could be more deceiving. The first 35 minutes were painful to watch.

First, let me tell you what is good about the team. Caldwell-Pope. That pretty much sums it up. He is a scoring machine. Unfortunately, with two fouls in the middle of the first half we did not see enough of him. But that pretty much sums up the good.

Next, let me say that I have been a Mark Fox fan since he arrived at Dawg Nation headquarters. But if I were judging him on this game alone, it would be hard to be a supporter. I know it is a rebuilding year, but even in a rebuilding year good athletes can make a coach look good. This game, however, left a lot to be desired.

We do not have an inside game. No inside game on offense and no inside game on defense. We had maybe two offensive rebounds that were put back in for points. I can understand that we need to take outside shots because we don't have the talented big bodies to post up. What I cannot understand is why we run the an offense that does not put players in position to rebound when we do take an outside shot. It is frustrating to watch! Nobody tries to penetrate to collapse the defense and then kick the ball back out for the shot. If they did we would have at least one player inside to try to get the rebound. When we do finally decide with 3 seconds left on the shot clock to shoot a three point attempt, nobody anticipates and crashes the board to try for the rebound.

We do not have the quickness or the talent to play man to man. That was proven at the beginning of the game. We should have just come out in the zone first. Even in the zone defense Ole Miss found the lane open enough to score several times. Nobody was rotating over to help.

It appears we will live and die by our outside shooting. The few times we did get the ball inside, we could not handle the pressure. When we did attempt to take a shot, most of the time the player would not get his eyes up to see the basket. He just tossed the ball in the general direction of the basket and prayed it would go in. Most of the time, it did not go in.

I will say that if he has good athletes, Coach Fox can do well. I am not convince he is able to get the most out of his players when his talent level is low. He needs to recruit. He needs to recruit hard and get KCP some in talented big bodies. Somebody who can be a presence on the inside game both offensively and defensively. Either that or he needs to find players that can hit the outside shot on a high percentage basis. Then we maybe we can score enough to over come the other weaknesses.

I have tickets to the Vandy game in February. I hope I see improvement by then, or it will be a long boring trip as well.

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