Monday, January 23, 2012

Vegas - Super Bowl - Chip

Frequent commenter on here (and one of the 4 horsemen) Reeder 3:16 is meeting me in Vegas this coming weekend. This is a quick weekend trip, so I'm looking for some favorite places to eat, drink, gamble, and be entertained. This is only my second trip to Vegas, so I'm still very new to Sin City. I'll be in MGM and he's at Caesars.

Also, thoughts on Super Bowl? This seems like a total toss up to me. The Giants front 4 is very tough but the Pats are so good at getting rid of the ball quickly. Pretty much every playoff game has been decided on turnovers, so I'm saying that's the key. I think the Pats are more likely to turn it over, so I'll take the Giants if I'm betting on it (and I just might be).

I was surprised to hear Chip Kelly was about to take the Tampa job. He's not one of the college guys that I picture in "The League" and I guess that for now, that remains the case. So basically, Mr. Nike Knight has obviously put some more cash and fancy ugly jerseys in his pocket.

P.S. The mountains out here are finally getting some snow, so start planning your ski trips.


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