Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Frivolities

Happy Friday, peeps.

Not a lot of news to report on, but let's dig thru what I have rattling around me noggin:

LINSANITY IS RUNNING WILD! Even if you don't follow the NBA, the Jeremy Lin story is absolutely incredible. This is strictly a case of a player's style meshing perfectly with a coach's style and the perfect personnel surrounding him. The caveat is that he was undrafted and cut by 2 other teams, not picked up specifically to fill a need. He was picked up to fill a roster spot and meet the league minimum of 12 active players. Lin is very crafty with the ball and is a great shooter w/ 3pt range. The fact he can drive and dish and has plenty of spot up shooters around him just makes this all the better. Just a really fun story to watch.

In TV news, The Office jumped into the Jim & the Hot Girl storyline last night and I commend Jim on his willpower. The fact that Dwight kept running in and out of the room probably helped him keep his johnson in his britches.

Another show that I have (inexplicably) yet to write about, yet is my favorite comedy on TV is Tim Allen's Last Man Standing. I never watched Home Improvement, but I really love this show. Every time we watch it, my wife says, "That's you." I consider it a compliment.
Really funny stuff if you haven't yet discovered it.

I have DVR'd all of The River and Alcatraz, but I hear that they are becoming ludicrous and losing steam. I might delete them and save myself the time.

I had high hopes for The Firm, but it's been moved to Saturdays, a.k.a. No Man's Land. I guess I'll just go ahead and delete them, too.

For those of you that like Community (it never clicked w/ me despite the fact that I love Joel McHale on The Soup and consider Chevy Chase a legend), it's coming back next month in it's old Thursday at 8 slot (and 30 Rock is thankfully going back to it's old 9:30 one).

I finally got back to the theaters last weekend and took my son to see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (he's a HUGE comic book/superhero fan). We really enjoyed it. It's pure mindless entertainment. Where the first one focused a lot on character development, this one jumped in feet first from the opening frame with action for the duration of the movie.
On a side note, manic Nic Cage is the best Nic Cage of all.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the potential, i.e. likely, position switches for the Dawgs: Ray Drew to DE, Richard "M'Effin" Samuel to FB, Malcolm Mitchell seeing some time at CB, etc.
Like The Senator said, the Granthamization of this roster and fully utilizing talent is in full swing.

Also, Richt is expected to receive his contract extension in the coming weeks.

One last note, the fantastic SEC Storied special on Herchel Walker is now available for sale. This will complement my 1980 Dawgs DVD perfectly.

Onward & upward, peeps.

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