Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UGA spring with ESPN and NFL

Blog post from ESPN about Murray and his leadership and attitude going into this spring.

I'll let other guys get overly excited about sound clips and quotes coming out of the spring. I've been following this team way toooooooo long to care about how hard someone has worked in the off season or a new change in the our training methods and how focused the team is. Yeah, Isaiah Crowell is turning it around and doing everything the "right way". My only judgement of this team and players happens on Saturday's in the fall.

All I ever hope for in the off season and spring is for no injuries and no legal issues.

Some NFL thoughts:
  • pretty exciting getting Manning out here in Denver, I'm not really a Denver or Peyton fan, but it sure makes the season more exciting when you have a local team competing for something. Win or lose, I hope that Peyton stays healthy and he gets to go out on his own terms *keep an eye on Orson in the draft, Peyton could use a good receiving TE*
  • speaking of own terms, I was sad to see that Hines had to retire before he was ready. But it's better to leave this way than being forced out due to health (T.D.) *won't be shocked if he changes his mind and comes back during season if a team in the hunt needs a WR*
  • I don't understand the Jets grabbing Tebow. Maybe because the NFL wildcat had success in that division years ago or maybe Rex just wants to have the Jets at the top of the headlines again. I'm not really sure where he would fit the best but I think NY is one place where he persona won't overshadow the team and the fan base won't get out of control for him. I could be wrong if they struggle but we'll see.
  • Finally, the NFL really dropped the hammer on the Saints. I don't think the bounty's themselves were that big of an issue but you can't continue to do things when you are specifically told not to multiple times by the league and then you go on to lie about it over and over. Also, this really helps the Falcons out a ton, so I hope the suspensions don't get reduced at all.


P.S. Give Herschel a statue

Note: Tebow trade to Jets in limbo due to clause in contract in regards to 5 million pmt

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