Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ESPN post spring SEC rankings

Can't really argue with any of these rankings.  Our talent says we should be that high but our history says otherwise.  Of course with that logic, SC shouldn't ever be ranked ahead of us.  Even though we have the better schedule,  we just can't lose the SC game this season.  I really can't imagine losing to them 3 years in a row and not sure we'll be able to get ahead of them if we drop that game.

Looking back on the spring, it appears we came out with no "major" injuries but I'm still very disappointed with the suspensions.  It's hard to understand how we seem to continually have these issues in what seems like way more frequency and consistency than other teams.  Oh well, can't lose too much sleep worrying about 19 year olds.  99 days until college football kicks off (I think).   


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