Thursday, May 3, 2012


Dr. Adams is stepping down today and I doubt you'll find too many alumni that are upset by this.  He's had an interesting presidency at UGA to say the least.  IMO, he got too involved with athletics too many times.  I definitely want a president that values athletics but I want that to mostly be behind the scenes.  I don't need our president to become the story in regards to the athletic department. 

This does bring me back though, I remember being there when Dr. Knapp stepped down and The Red and Black running many many articles breaking down potential candidates and then the finalist.  If memory serves, Dr. Adams wasn't the "favorite" at the end but obviously ended up getting the job.  I could be wrong but it doesn't appear that our academic standards have dramatically changed either way since he took office.  Yes, SAT and GPA averages for admittance have gone up but that seems to have a lot to do with HOPE and more kids going to college every year.

Well good luck to Dr. Adams and lets hope our next pres takes all areas of our University to even higher levels.


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