Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thoughts on Crowell a Day Later

I didn't want to post anything about Crowell yesterday, because the knee-jerk reaction that I felt yesterday morning would have come across much more negatively than I probably would have liked.  I felt anger, I felt disappointment, and even embarrassment.  It was easy to sit there and think "How could he blow such a great opportunity?"  Then, as the day wore on, I began to realize that I was being pretty hypocritical.  I've blown more than one great opportunity in my life, especially when  I was younger, due to immature decision making.  And it was pretty hard dealing with those sorts of things within the limited exposure I had to family and friends, so I can't imagine what Crowell is going through right now with thousands and thousands of people judging and critiquing him.  So, long story short, I'm not going to kick the man while he's down.

I still believe that at his core, Isaiah is a good person.  Carrying a weapon (even if illegally obtained) does not automatically make you a bad person, especially if there is no intent to use the firearm for anything wrong (there's nothing to suggest he had the weapon with the intent to do anything).  Smoking marijuana does not make you a bad person.  Not being perceived as "tough enough" by your fan base does not make you a bad person.  What these things speak to, though, is really his greatest crime......which is just being extremely immature and not maximizing his talents.  However, maturity and the desire to excel are things that can still come over time, and I hope those things do come to Crowell.

I'm not trying to defend Crowell's actions or say he shouldn't have been dismissed........he left Richt no choice whatsoever but to dismiss him.  You may not be a bad person, but you still have to be held accountable for your actions and deal with the consequences.  I'm just saying that we shouldn't write him off as being a total waste or assume that he is destined for failure in life.  I hope he gets through the legal situation, is able to maybe catch on with a JUCO for a year, then go on to achieve his goals - whatever or wherever they may be.

On the positive side for us as fans, I feel more comfortable with the trio of Boo, Marshall, and Gurley right now than I did about the trio of Samuel, Crowell, and Thomas this time last year.  Whereas I only thought one of those guys last year had any upside as a tailback at all (Crowell), I feel that all 3 of the current guys have great upsides.  It sucks that all 3 will be on a pretty good learning curve (Boo still has a lot to learn too), but all reports indicate that the work ethic of those 3 is extremely high, so hopefully they'll pick up the nuances quickly.

We sure are cutting away any margin for error we had this year though.  Anymore major disciplinary issues or major injuries to one or two key players could derail us.  Let's hope the worst is behind us.


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