Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UGA favored

The vegas lines are out and we are one of four teams in the country currently favored in every game we play this fall.  The others are Oklahoma, LSU, and USC (the real one)

One of these is not like the other.  Yes, I think we'll be a good team but this has more to do with our schedule than how good the other 3 are predicted to be.  I am very happy to be favored though.......math will tell you that the favorite wins more times than not.  

I can understand how we are favored but won't be surprised if those numbers change in a few of the games as we get closer to the season, mainly thinking of Missouri and South Carolina early on.  **This is a gambling/betting statement and in no way is my personal opinion for those that want to lose their minds** 

Anytime you get mentioned with those 3 teams, it's probably a good thing.  And if we happen to play one of them this year (or early 2013), it also probably means we had a really good year.


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