Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 16 PRR Training

Week 16 (3 days)
Final week of my plan.  I know the race isn't for another month but all you have to do is maintain from here, you already have the distance.  You can work on speed for a month.  
  1. jog 4 miles, only short walks when needed
  2. jog 4 miles, only short walks when needed
  3. jog 6.5 miles, only short walks when needed
Bonus Day
  • find a bar, grab some very unhealthy food, and have a beer
My Update: 

My race is this coming Sunday (6/10).  Garden of the Gods 10 miler.  Here's the situation again, I'm running this to qualify for an August race up Pikes Peak.  The 2 cutoffs are wave 1 < 1:30:00 and wave 2 < 2:30:00.  Normally, doing 10 miles under 90 minutes would be fairly easy for me, but in my current shape, I'll more than likely be looking at qualifying for wave 2, which is just fine with me. 

Mon - hiked La Plata Peak
Wed - 4 miles
Thurs - 6 miles
Sat - hiked Mt Sherman


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