Friday, July 6, 2012

Repeating football history

LC recently asked who we thought our biggest game was this year and I said SC because of a number of reasons.  It got me thinking if we had ever lost 3 in a row to the g-cocks and the answer is NO! 

We've lost 16 times to them over 100 years of football and 6 times they've beaten us in back to back years but never ever have they beat us 3 times in a row.  In fact, we've only lost 3 in a row to 18 teams in our football history and only 14 of those were over consecutive seasons.

Looking at overall records of opponents, South Carolina is closer to Kentucky and Vanderbilt than anyone else.  So in the most basic of terms, we need to put them back in their place.

A few more historical facts:
  •  Our only other meeting with Missouri was a 1960 Orange Bowl victory (14-0)
  • 10 years ago we went 13-1 and won the SEC
  • 20 years ago we went 10-2
  • 30 years ago we went 11-1 and won the SEC 
  • and 70 years ago, we won the 1942 National Championship
Here's to history and hoping that we can repeat some things.


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