Friday, August 31, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Mitchell Out Tomorrow

As Bulldog Nation sits and waits to hear about the suspensions of Ogletree & Rambo, word just broke that Malcolm Mitchell sprained his left ankle in practice and will definitely miss tomorrow's game.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope it's mild and they're holding him out because it's Buffalo and not because it's a nasty sprain and he's iffy for Missouri.

Damn.  Just damn.

Looking Ahead to the Weekend

I haven't gotten around to doing a season prediction thing like we did last year, but I wanted to throw some thoughts out there for the weekend.  If I'm feeling especially motivated tonight, I may still put up a post for tomorrow morning about my thoughts going into the season as a whole, but I got into some Chardonnay last night during the SC-Vandy game, and I ended up drinking a little more than I intended to.  I ended up regaling LC and SimpleMan with a number of texts containing disparaging comments about the 'Cocks, the 'Dores, and Matt Millen.  Yep, Matt Millen.  I have no idea why I went off on Millen, but in my own mind it was quite amusing at the time.  Anywho, I've got a feeling I may have a hard time fighting to stay awake tonight after imbibing last night, so don't know if I'll get to that post or not.

But without further adieu, here's what I see happening this weekend:

Boise State vs Michigan State:  Both these teams beat us last year, and if this were last year, I might well pick the Broncos to win.  But I really think the Broncos are going to take a step back this year, they just lost so much talent due to graduation.  I know Michigan State is breaking in a new QB too, but that defense they're bringing back has the potential to be among the nation's best.  It won't be a blowout, but I see Sparty taking this one with about a 2 touchdown cushion.

Auburn vs Clemson:  I think this is going to be an ugly game to watch.  Clemson's got a fair amount of talent at the skill positions on offense, but a very suspect OL.  On defense, they're very, very young, and adjusting to a new DC.  But Auburn has plenty of their own question marks, most importantly at the QB position.  If Clemson had Watkins, I'd pick them to win comfortably, similar to last year.  But I think this one ends up really close, with a field goal at the end pushing Clemson to a close W.

Alabama vs Michigan:  Denard Robinson will get a few big plays early in this game, but you know Saban is going to make quick adjustments.  I'm no expert, but it would seem to me that against a guy like Robinson, you really don't want your DL getting a whole lot of penetration up the field.........rather, you want them to hold their lanes and just keep him in the pocket.  If 'Bama can turn Robinson into a pocket passer, they win this game with relative ease.  Brady Hoke has done some great things in the short time he's been in Ann Arbor, but I still gotta say RTR on this one.

Tennessee vs NC State:  I have no idea.  None.  Two very physically gifted passers in this one, surrounded by tons of question marks.  I'll pick the Vols just because of my SEC bias.  Conference homerism, baby!!!!

Nerds vs Va Tech:  All along I've thought I was going to pick the Hokies in this one, because it makes total sense.  The Jackets always struggle against teams that have extra time to prepare for them, they're going into a hostile environment, Al Groh is the new Ted Roof, and top to bottom Va Tech should be better...........but I don't know, I've just got this nagging feeling on this one.  I'm taking the Jackets in an upset.

Buffalo vs UGA:  It's going to be crazy hot, with approximately 143% humidity.  I'm putting the over/under at stoppages due to cramping at 4.5.  I hope the first stringers come out and put this game away early, and let the youngsters get a lot of 2nd half snaps.  I won't be there this week, but I'll be thinking of all you guys that are there losing 10 lbs of sweat while I'm watching the game on my air conditioning.  Seriously though, I'm super pumped about seeing what some of our young guys on both sides of the ball can do, and just hoping for no injuries.

Let me know your thoughts on the games in the comments below.

Have a nice holiday weekend, people, and GO DAWGS!


Friday Frivolities

Not just the Friday Frivolities, but UGA Football.  It's about damn time, too.
I have tolerated all of the teeth gnashing over the Braves that I can handle from others.  It's time to gnash what's left of people's toofies on things that matter.

Hold on while I whip this thing out:  the Cocks failed to impress me last night.  Their secondary is as mediocre as advertised and their offense is nothing scary (granted it was just the first game, but it is what it is).  With Spurrier intent on killing Shaw by repeatedly sending he & his dead arm out there, he's clearly going all out this season (their next 2 games are against cupcakes and no way he was going to start out 0-1 in the SEC East race).  I thought Vandy did an admirable job of keeping Lattimore somewhat in check (or is he not the same player...yet?) and hanging in there, but they are what they are.

I'm not going to address the no call pass interference, but I was surprised Franklin didn't challenge it.

As for the Dawgs, there's no reason to expect anything less than a 30pt blowout and for the new guys and unproven guys to get meaningful reps. 

I hope we look somewhat competent on offense and our TBs show what they can do.

Today should also be the day that we hear about Ogletree & Rambo...I expect suspensions, but maybe not as lengthy as we anticipated.  If we were coached by Meyer, this would be a non-issue.  We aren't, obviously, but Richt's silence and refusal to even hint at anything could be telling.
I'm not for bending the rules, but we need those guys vs. Mizzou.  A special season is potentially in the offing, so like the team motto states:  NO REGRETS.

I will be beaching it this weekend for one final getaway, but will be following the game on my phone.
For those of you either going or watching at home, shout loud and proud.


Thursday, August 30, 2012


For now, the only 2 games I'm going to this season are both Columbia's.  Living in Colorado makes my gameday trips to Athens a little more expensive.  I have "connections" at South Carolina, so getting tickets to that game is usually pretty easy, but I did have to pay a nice penny to experience another Tiger environment a couple states over. 

I've been to Kansas City but know nothing of Missouri's Columbia.  Any suggestions of food or beverage establishments would be appreciated.  Hey, maybe I'll buy you a gurg (drink) if we bump into each other.

Friday night is planned as I'm pumped about seeing Mr. Corey Smith again.  
Mr Smith goes to Missouri

I have a very uneasy feeling about the Mizzou game.  In the early years of CMR, it seemed like we always found a way to win these early games against "outside" opponents and I always felt good about the Clemson's, Boise St's, Arizona St's, Oklahoma St's of the world.  But the last few years have not been good to us when it comes to these types of games.  I know Mizzou is now part of the SEC but let's be honest, it still feels like a big non-conference least for this year for me.

I'll give my prediction next week but was curious how everyone else was feeling about the newest Dawgs vs Cats rivalry?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Season overview and Buffalo

The time has come to throw out some predictions that mean absolutely nothing.  Football is finally here. 
  •  The real USC slips up somewhere during the season.  The depth issue will get them at some point.  Still win the Pac something and finish top 5 but don't make the championship game.
  • Leaders and Legends produce a bunch of garbage this year.  No one finishes near the top of the final polls to sniff the crystal ball.
  • Big East is a joke.  What the hell, Temple wins it.
  • The ACC has to come down to Va Tech, Clemson, and FSU right????? I'll go with the only one I feel like I can trust, Va Tech.  They might sneak into the title game.   
  • I'm actually really interested in the Big 12 this year with the changes they made.  Having West Virginia and TCU in there is going to be fun to watch.  Conventional wisdom says go with OU, so I'm taking first timers West Virginia to win the crown.   
  • Finally the BIG BOYS.  It seems way too obvious that the champ comes out of the West again, but they do. It's very hard to repeat in this league, so I'll go with LSU.....oh wait, that is a repeat.  I think this is the year that the SEC really beats up on itself though and everyone has at least 2 losses.  
The SEC streak dies this year only because of the brutality of our conference.  West Virginia and Va Tech meet in one of the most exciting championship games and least watched in BCS history.  That area of the country will be very happy. 

As far as our Dawgs, we really should get to 10 wins again.  I don't like predicting out every game of the season but we are much better than most of the teams on our schedule and anything under 10 will be very disappointing to me.  Honestly 8-4 would be a disaster in my mind, 9-3 disappointing, 10-2 good season, 11-1, great season.  More than likely 11-1 would get us back to Atlanta for the SECCG and that's always considered a successful season.

However, I got us at 10-2 and losing a tiebreaker in the East.  Not sure if it's to Florida, South Carolina, or Missouri but I think we're just on the outside looking in (see what I did there).  Of course, as I always say when picking against us, I love being wrong.

Finally, the Buffalo game is just what we needed last year to start the season but I'll take a tune up this year before Missouri.  This team from the north is really bad.  My main interest will be on special teams and the receivers.  I'm not going to take much from the defensive side of the ball.  I know that unit is solid and won't care how they look.  If they give up yards/points, I'll just chalk it up to them not caring and if they completely shut them down, I'll be happy that they came fired up for a nobody. 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dawg Nibbles

Seth Emerson has some must-read goods up at his blog about where things stand thus far for the Dawgs.
I'm feeling better about the OL than I was a month ago, but the pups have got to stay healthy and continue to gel.  By all accounts, Coach Friend has done a tremendous job.

I just got my SI College Football Preview in the mail and lotsa love is given to the Tide.
As far as SEC rankings go, they have Bama #1, LSU #3, SC #7, us #9 (which I agree with), Arky #12 & AU #24.
Random blurbs from the mag:

  • The Tide & their new D players will need to adjust to Saban's defensive scheme early with tests vs. Michigan & Arky very early (games 1 & 3, respectively) in the sched.  
  • They think that JR S Eric Reed will be able to offset the loss of Copper Top for LSU & that Mettenberger will have a big year behind their experienced OL & the offense will be "amped up", which means they might get it past the 50 yard line at least once.
  • They feel that South Carolina will be in the hunt for not only the SEC title, but the BCS Championship, as well.  Putting on their Captain Obvious Hat, they point to our game on 10/6 being pivotal.
  • Most of the ink for us revolves around (what else) the suspensions and whether or not we can overcome them early.  Our D gets mad props, which it should, and Malcome is predicted to be our breakout player.
  • I think the loss of Petrino will be huge for Arky, but SI thinks they have a "genuine" shot at being undefeated.  Did I mention that they play LSU & Alabama?  And that they lost Petrino?  What do I know...
  • They rank the Nerds at #20, but no one cares.
  • They feel Aubarn is one year away...from another scandal.  All In...Their End Zone!
2.5 more weeks, peeps.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brice Ramsey

ESPN is showing the competition for the Elite 11 and UGA commit Brice Ramsey is among the group trying to make the final 11.  I assume most of you know what this is since you're reading a UGA blog but in case you don't, it's basically a ranking of high school quarterbacks.  They all get invited to a camp to train with professional staffers, some NFL or ex NFL guys.

Stafford and Murray both were Elite 11.  Anyway, I believe the next episode is on Tuesday, August 14th on ESPN around 7 ET (check your local listing).  Aaron Murray was actually at the camp helping out this year so don't be surprised to catch a glimpse of him. 

Here's a quick interview with Brice at the camp

And a clip from the local tryouts 

And a profile from the camp and ESPN


Friday, August 3, 2012

Sign Language

This is an interesting feature is doing showcasing certain teams' slogans on locker room, meeting room, etc., walls.
Ours is obviously "Finish the Drill!" & 2-way stud Malcolm Mitchell is interviewed.

Give it a look.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kolton Houston Case

This (h/t Seth Emerson) might be one of the damnedest things I've ever heard of.  I hope (trainer) Ron Courson's harsh wording in his reply carry some weight, but I doubt it.  This is the NCAA we're talking about, remember?

This is sad for a kid that waited for his chance, was competing for (and won in the spring) a starting spot on the OL at right guard and is getting held back for something as technical as this.