Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brice Ramsey

ESPN is showing the competition for the Elite 11 and UGA commit Brice Ramsey is among the group trying to make the final 11.  I assume most of you know what this is since you're reading a UGA blog but in case you don't, it's basically a ranking of high school quarterbacks.  They all get invited to a camp to train with professional staffers, some NFL or ex NFL guys.

Stafford and Murray both were Elite 11.  Anyway, I believe the next episode is on Tuesday, August 14th on ESPN around 7 ET (check your local listing).  Aaron Murray was actually at the camp helping out this year so don't be surprised to catch a glimpse of him. 

Here's a quick interview with Brice at the camp

And a clip from the local tryouts 

And a profile from the camp and ESPN


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