Thursday, August 30, 2012


For now, the only 2 games I'm going to this season are both Columbia's.  Living in Colorado makes my gameday trips to Athens a little more expensive.  I have "connections" at South Carolina, so getting tickets to that game is usually pretty easy, but I did have to pay a nice penny to experience another Tiger environment a couple states over. 

I've been to Kansas City but know nothing of Missouri's Columbia.  Any suggestions of food or beverage establishments would be appreciated.  Hey, maybe I'll buy you a gurg (drink) if we bump into each other.

Friday night is planned as I'm pumped about seeing Mr. Corey Smith again.  
Mr Smith goes to Missouri

I have a very uneasy feeling about the Mizzou game.  In the early years of CMR, it seemed like we always found a way to win these early games against "outside" opponents and I always felt good about the Clemson's, Boise St's, Arizona St's, Oklahoma St's of the world.  But the last few years have not been good to us when it comes to these types of games.  I know Mizzou is now part of the SEC but let's be honest, it still feels like a big non-conference least for this year for me.

I'll give my prediction next week but was curious how everyone else was feeling about the newest Dawgs vs Cats rivalry?


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