Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dawg Nibbles

Seth Emerson has some must-read goods up at his blog about where things stand thus far for the Dawgs.
I'm feeling better about the OL than I was a month ago, but the pups have got to stay healthy and continue to gel.  By all accounts, Coach Friend has done a tremendous job.

I just got my SI College Football Preview in the mail and lotsa love is given to the Tide.
As far as SEC rankings go, they have Bama #1, LSU #3, SC #7, us #9 (which I agree with), Arky #12 & AU #24.
Random blurbs from the mag:

  • The Tide & their new D players will need to adjust to Saban's defensive scheme early with tests vs. Michigan & Arky very early (games 1 & 3, respectively) in the sched.  
  • They think that JR S Eric Reed will be able to offset the loss of Copper Top for LSU & that Mettenberger will have a big year behind their experienced OL & the offense will be "amped up", which means they might get it past the 50 yard line at least once.
  • They feel that South Carolina will be in the hunt for not only the SEC title, but the BCS Championship, as well.  Putting on their Captain Obvious Hat, they point to our game on 10/6 being pivotal.
  • Most of the ink for us revolves around (what else) the suspensions and whether or not we can overcome them early.  Our D gets mad props, which it should, and Malcome is predicted to be our breakout player.
  • I think the loss of Petrino will be huge for Arky, but SI thinks they have a "genuine" shot at being undefeated.  Did I mention that they play LSU & Alabama?  And that they lost Petrino?  What do I know...
  • They rank the Nerds at #20, but no one cares.
  • They feel Aubarn is one year away...from another scandal.  All In...Their End Zone!
2.5 more weeks, peeps.

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