Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Season overview and Buffalo

The time has come to throw out some predictions that mean absolutely nothing.  Football is finally here. 
  •  The real USC slips up somewhere during the season.  The depth issue will get them at some point.  Still win the Pac something and finish top 5 but don't make the championship game.
  • Leaders and Legends produce a bunch of garbage this year.  No one finishes near the top of the final polls to sniff the crystal ball.
  • Big East is a joke.  What the hell, Temple wins it.
  • The ACC has to come down to Va Tech, Clemson, and FSU right????? I'll go with the only one I feel like I can trust, Va Tech.  They might sneak into the title game.   
  • I'm actually really interested in the Big 12 this year with the changes they made.  Having West Virginia and TCU in there is going to be fun to watch.  Conventional wisdom says go with OU, so I'm taking first timers West Virginia to win the crown.   
  • Finally the BIG BOYS.  It seems way too obvious that the champ comes out of the West again, but they do. It's very hard to repeat in this league, so I'll go with LSU.....oh wait, that is a repeat.  I think this is the year that the SEC really beats up on itself though and everyone has at least 2 losses.  
The SEC streak dies this year only because of the brutality of our conference.  West Virginia and Va Tech meet in one of the most exciting championship games and least watched in BCS history.  That area of the country will be very happy. 

As far as our Dawgs, we really should get to 10 wins again.  I don't like predicting out every game of the season but we are much better than most of the teams on our schedule and anything under 10 will be very disappointing to me.  Honestly 8-4 would be a disaster in my mind, 9-3 disappointing, 10-2 good season, 11-1, great season.  More than likely 11-1 would get us back to Atlanta for the SECCG and that's always considered a successful season.

However, I got us at 10-2 and losing a tiebreaker in the East.  Not sure if it's to Florida, South Carolina, or Missouri but I think we're just on the outside looking in (see what I did there).  Of course, as I always say when picking against us, I love being wrong.

Finally, the Buffalo game is just what we needed last year to start the season but I'll take a tune up this year before Missouri.  This team from the north is really bad.  My main interest will be on special teams and the receivers.  I'm not going to take much from the defensive side of the ball.  I know that unit is solid and won't care how they look.  If they give up yards/points, I'll just chalk it up to them not caring and if they completely shut them down, I'll be happy that they came fired up for a nobody. 


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