Monday, September 3, 2012

Buffalo thoughts

Full disclosure, I didn't watch the game live as I was up in the mountains again.  But I have watched it twice since.

Not bad overall, some sloppy play at times but that's to be expected with our teams.  The rushing average was poor for well over a half.  We had some longer runs later in the game that made that number look respectable in the final stats but when you have a big size advantage on the lines, you expect to control them a little better (more about that on the defense later).  Having said that, Aaron did have a lot of time to take plenty of shots deep and the running backs were not getting hit in the backfield very often at all.  Biggest positive on offense for me = zero turnovers.  Gurley obviously had a good game running the ball and Marshall has a fast first step.  Marshall seems to have a very quick burst but he'll need to break more tackles to become elite.  They all need to improve in passing assignments but that comes with experience.  With all the talent at RB, I really hope we get creative in using the guys and get them more involved in the passing game.  Hopefully, we were just saving some pass plays to the TE's and RB's for SEC play.  After all, this is Georgia football, I expect to see screen plays on 3rd and longs.  The ball needs to touch more than 4 guys in the passing game going forward.

I posted earlier in the week that I wasn't going to take too much from the D because it was game 1 against a bad team.  Obviously the running QB gave us a little trouble.  I wouldn't say it was as bad as everyone made it sound, at least to me.  He broke contain a handful of times and made some big plays but it wasn't like we were getting beat on the read option (which we'll see against S Carolina and the spread option version against Missouri) the whole game.  My biggest concern from the D was the lack of push.  We didn't spend a lot of time in the Bulls backfield which is a little worrisome.  I thought the tackling was decent for our first game but will have to get a little better, hopefully that comes with the return of some players.  Of course it would have been nice to get a turnover but it didn't look like we were taking a lot of chances and really kept the big plays down to a minimum.

Special Teams
Tough to grade as a unit because we saw good and bad.  Instead of breaking down every aspect, let's just say that my concerns from last year are still there and I'm still waiting for that warm fuzzy feeling when this group takes the field.

Overall - It was a win, which took us 3 games to get last year and like Rev said, a lot of teams did not impress this weekend.  Of course we have a long way to go to compete with an Alabama.  This week's game against Missouri is huge in so many ways.

Final Thoughts
I usually don't get a lot of things right, but here's 2 things that I said years ago:

  1. When Alabama hired Nick Saban, I told the guys that he was worth every penny and no amount of money was too much.
  2. After watching the first half of Ohio St and USC back in 2009, I texted the guys that Matt Barkley would win a Heisman.  He may leave UCS without one but the kid can play.  

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