Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Frivolities

Happy Friday, er'body!
All is right in Bulldog Nation as we sit at 2-0 and welcoming (un)mighty Florida Atlantic to Sanford Stadium tomorrow that should serve as nothing more than a tune up for Dandy Vandy, i.e. a game-like practice.
Let's hope the O gets good, meaningful reps and the D, well, does their thing.

I have no idea whether or not to expect Ogletree back and don't expect to see Rambo, but there's no need in worrying about that until next week.  Let's just keep our boys healthy and keep on keeping on.

My prediction:
UGA:  48
FAU:  14

As far as Florida @ Tennessee, I won't be pulling for the Vols to win as much as I'll be pulling for the Gators to lose.  That's the only way I can do it.

If you'll recall, the Friday Frivolities have been used here at OTA to review the week in TV, movies, etc.
Well, there were 2 premieres of shows this week that I religiously follow and they did not disappoint:
Sons of Anarchy opened season 5 with a doozy.  Things are clearly on the downward slope for SAMCRO as Jax has taken over for Clay and they've become entangled with easily the most dangerous gangster/gang leader yet in Mr. Pope.  Tig's comeuppance for murdering Pope's daughter at the end of last season as a retaliation for (what he thought) one of Pope's guys shooting Clay was one of the most difficult scenes I've ever watched.  I got up and hugged my kids that night, people.  Wow.  This is not going to end well for Clay, either.

Parenthood is still clinging to life and is still one of the best shows on TV.  That show nails the difficulties of not only raising kids, but dealing with family.  They only have 15 episodes this season and I plan on enjoying every one.  I feel sure that it's head will be on the chopping block every week while Honey Doo Doo Child continues to draw monster ratings.  Oh, the humanity.

Onward & upward...and GO DAWGS!

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