Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Frivolities

The longest week since last week is coming to a close today, so let's celebrate with some Friday Frivolities (it's 5 o'clock somewhere, but not here...yet).

NBC had their night of premieres last night & The Office opened their final season with an edgier Andy.  We all know people with no edge to them and when they act like they have one, they typically get shot down pretty quickly.
It looks like Jim is ready to bolt for greener pastures as he realized the new guy they were comparing him to has no future there and will just settle in and slug forward day by day.  That reminded me of one of his all time best lines:  if I ever leave this place, what am I going to do with all this useless knowledge?
I'm looking forward to the Dwight/Little Dwight dynamic, too.

Parks & Recreation had an entertaining premiere, as well, and it's all due to the great Ron Swanson.   I want him to run a BBQ at my next tailgate.

Parenthood & Sons of Anarchy had strong 2nd eps and set the table for the rest of the season with a breast cancer angle in the former and the slow downward spiral of Tig in the latter.

As for the grudge match tomorrow, I honestly expect some chippy play in spots, a few unsportsmanlike penalties, it to be somewhat close thru the 3rd before us putting them away & winning 27-14.
As I said earlier in the week, I'd love to have a replay of the 2004 LSU beat down, but I don't expect it.  Do you?

Onward & upward and GO DAWGS.

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