Friday, September 14, 2012

Looking Ahead to the Weekend

Finally Friday, good gracious this week seemed to last forever.  I wasn't able to make the Buffalo game, so I'm looking forward to seeing the Dawgs in person for the first time this year, even if it is against a team that barely beat Wagner (honestly, who among you can claim to have ever heard of the Wagner Seahawks before?  I can't.)  I'm torn when it comes to our scheduling............I hate having crappy out of conference games, but I also understand how difficult the season as a whole is.  Teams used to get 2 bye weeks every year until it went to 12 regular season games, so now with the longer season it's important to have some of these lesser teams on the schedule so they can count toward suspensions give the top guys a chance to hopefully have an easy week, and get reps for the younger guys.  I just hope that we don't dilly-dally around with these guys.  The game should be over by halftime, and we shouldn't see Aaron Murray, Jarvis Jones, etc anything past about the mid point of the 3rd quarter.  If our entire first string is off the field for the entirety of the 4th quarter, I'll view this game as a total success.

Here are the other games I find of interest this weekend:

Wake Forest vs FSU: This is the 'Noles first real challenge this least a challenge in the way that Vandy is a challenge.  Except Wake has beaten FSU three out of the last five times they've played.  Last year I felt that FSU was the most overrated team in the preseason (South Carolina was my pick this year), and I ended up being pretty much spot on.  But I think they're the real deal this time around.  I'm not ready to put them in the National Title game or anything yet, but I think Jimbo has the best FSU team we've seen in a long time.  Wake hangs around for two and a half, maybe 3 quarters, but FSU wins this one going away, setting up a likely top-10 matchup with Clemson the following week.

Louisville vs UNC:  I don't really care much about either of these teams, but Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater has put up some ridiculous stats the first couple of weeks, so I'm curious to see if he can continue that pace.  In 2 games he has an 81.7% completion percentage!  Most QB's never have a single game with that type of percentage, and he's maintained it for 2 weeks.  Louisville wins this fairly handily, but Bridgewater will make it worth flipping over to the game for a while.

Notre Dame vs Michigan State:  I'm a big believer in Michigan State, especially their defense.  If their young QB starts to figure out the passing game to get their offense going, they could be in for a special year.  I think they win this game by two touchdowns.

Florida vs Tennessee:  No shocking revelations here......the Vols clearly have the better offense, Florida the better defense.  In games where Cam Newton isn't playing, I always take the better defense.  So, my pick on this one goes to the Gators.  I don't think Tennessee is quite as good as they've appeared thus far, and I think that the true Gators form is closer to what we saw in the 2nd half of the A&M game, as opposed to the prior game and a half.  I've got Florida by 10 in this one.

ULM vs Auburn: I'm actually not predicting the demise of the War Tiggers on this one.  I think QB Kiehl Frazier rebounds to have a decent game, and Auburn plays well enough to control the tempo and win this one. 

Alabama vs Arkansas:  I don't think anyone in their right minds is picking against 'Bama on this one, whether Tyler Wilson plays or not (and I think it would be a huge disservice to Wilson if Arkansas does allow him to play).  This one's gonna be ugly, RTR.

Arizona State vs Missouri:  I'm curious to see what Mizzou looks like coming off of their game against us.  I have not seen ASU play yet this year, but my sense is that ASU is gonna win this one, which will take a little luster off of our victory over the Tigers.  Mizzou expended so much emotion and energy before and during our game, it just wouldn't surprise me for them to be pretty flat coming out in this game.  Plus, we left them a little beat up physically.  Again, I haven't watched ASU this year, but my gut tells me that they win this one.  Let's just hope Missouri can get hyped back up for their visit to the 'Cocks the following week.

Hope everybody has a safe and fun weekend, and GO DAWGS!


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