Thursday, September 6, 2012

Missouri thoughts

Flying out tomorrow to Kansas City for a full Georgia weekend.  I made a final decision to go a little late in the game, so the closest hotel I could find was in Jefferson City. 
  1. Friday night = Corey Smith concert
  2. Saturday night = time to tee it up between Kansas City and St. Louis #GODAWGS
  3. Sunday = let's see what all this Arrowhead Stadium talk is about  #GOFALCONS
 Arrowhead Stadium's exterior facade.
Key Points
  • Win 3rd down on both sides of the ball.  We need to have a lot of short 3rd downs on offense and most importantly, we have to get off the field on defense by winning 3rd down on that side of the ball.  
  • Turnovers - the total number is not quite as important as the type of turnover
  • Just try to break even on special teams, they look to have a pretty good return game and we must keep that in check.  Also, don't get burned on any fakes.
  • Coaching
We completely fell apart in the second game of the 2011 season.  Yes, this is a different season with some different players, but we have to play a "smart" game in order to win.  We dominated SC last year but somehow found a way to allow a mind-blowing number of catastrophic plays in one single game.  Even one of those in this game could be the difference.

This is a big game for us but it's HUGE for Missouri.  They want nothing more than to beat a top 10 team and defending SECEC  in their first SEC game ever.  Something just doesn't feel right to me about this game.

If we are on the right side of my first 3 key points, we win going away.......BUT, I think we lose the special teams battle and make at least 1 bad turnover.  The defense will hold up just fine but simply be on the field too long.  Missouri just wants it more and makes one more play than us.  I'll be shocked if we don't make any mistakes and still lose.  They won't win the game as much as we lose it.
Tigers - 24
Dawgs - 21

Let the bashing begin.  I'll be there wearing my red and cheering as much as anyone but I have to be truthful here on what I feel.

Hope I'm very wrong because this whole trip will suck if I'm right.


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