Friday, September 7, 2012

Mizzou Prevoou

Well, it's finally here.  The SEC opener is tomorrow and it's always a day filled with excitement, yet a little bit of angst.
"What if we lose?"  "What if we win, but don't look impressive?"  "What if, etc?"  There's a lot on the line tomorrow, peeps.  More than you might realize:

Simple Man posted his preview yesterday and I am in complete agreement with him in that "something just doesn't feel right" about this game.
My feeling this entire week is that it is shaping up to be the perfect storm:  Missouri enters the SEC hosting the #7 team in the nation and is looking to make a statement.  Not just their first conference win, but their first conference win over a Top 10 team in a night game in a frenzied environment with lots of fanfare (I still can't fathom why GameDay chose to go to College Station, TX instead of here, but I digress).  I literally feel the stars are aligning for them to win.


I don't think they will.  TD over at the GA Sports Blog did a great piece on Mizzou's offense.  Give it a read.  After you read it, tell me that you can't see Jarvis Jones making himself comfortable in their backfield.  Tell me you can't see our DL overpowering and eventually wearing down their OL.  Tell me you can't see our D doing their job, Ogletree or no Ogletree.  In no way do I think we'll shut them down, but I don't see them getting more than 24 (I see us getting burned on some deep balls and big plays by their BIG receivers).
We're going to see what kind of shape Mitchell's ankle is in and if he's even 90%, that's going to be very helpful.

Having said that (h/t Larry David), can our offense get more than 24?  I would hope so, but we're basing what we can do on what we saw vs. Buffalo.  Our OL should be able to open some holes and it's crystal clear what Gurley & Marshall can do when they get some space.  We have solid receivers and competent TEs at our disposal.

I don't mean to appear with a glass half full or half empty approach (because that sumbitch is going to be filled with Jack tomorrow all day long), but I'm expecting a flurry of excitement early, some big plays early and then it's up to us to weather the storm.  I don't think Mizzou is SEC-ready just yet, but let's just make sure they don't prove or think they are by beating us.

UGA 30
Mizzou 24


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