Monday, September 17, 2012

Steel Cage Match

Putting on my Captain Obvious Hat here, had last year's chippy (choppy, if you will) play and Franklin's post-game fireworks with Grantham not taken place, we would be looking at this week's game as another conference win to notch in our belt and regard them as a solid, yet unspectacular team that we cannot take lightly.

Well, this is going to be more than that.  I've read and heard all the grumbling about how our D looked early vs. the Owls.  Well, we were missing/resting some starters and I'm still going w/ the theory that we kept things vanilla and gave some other guys some reps.

Speaking of, Vasser looked sharp in his return.  This is doing nothing but building depth.  Should more injuries, late night left-handed Luckies cravings, etc., hit, this will help.  Gotta love the youth movement at work here and the guys getting the opportunities are taking full advantage.
I have no idea if Tree &/or Rambo will be back or not, but I don't expect to see either of them until UT.
Quite frankly, I'm tired of worrying about it.

Back to my original point, do you guys remember in 2004 when LSU rolled into town after shellacking us in the SECCG?  Remember that ass whipping we laid on them?  THAT is what I want to see Saturday.

I just thought I'd let y'all know.

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