Sunday, October 14, 2012

Backing In...or Plowing Ahead

If the Gators beat the Cocks this Saturday (3:30 on CBS) and we beat the Gators the following Saturday (ditto, of course), we will be in the driver's seat for the SEC East crown.
After the Cocks deflowered us on prime time TV last week, I will freely admit I had no interest in backing into the SECCG.  (I also had a lot of other strong feelings about the program, but we won't get into that now.)
Last night was a very sobering reminder that we aren't (or simply haven't shown that we are) on SC's level based on how tough they looked vs. LSU.  That was a helluva game no matter who you were pulling for, but the SC loss obviously benefits us.
I honestly don't think UF can beat SC, but it is in The Swamp and it is SC.  I don't expect it, but it wouldn't surprise me, either.

Having said all that, if the Gators win and we beat them, are you just as fired up to get to face either Bama or LSU in the SECCG or are you still on the "we didn't earn it" side of the fence?

What will change my outlook is if we throttle UK (and look nasty and pissed off doing so) and then play extremely well vs. UF. 
If we look shaky vs. UF, that will give me pause.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Morning Coming Down

Every Dawg Blog in the blogosphere has given their thoughts on the game, so I'm not going to go into how disappointing it was other than give my take.  Comment on it if you so desire:

That looked like a Jim Donnan-coached team Saturday night.  All the talent in the world.  Had feasted on lesser or equal competition up to that game and completely got embarrassed and dominated on a national stage.

I guess we'll see how or if they rebound from here.
A lot was at stake.
A lot might be lost.
Fan devotion was tested.

We'll see what happens.

Above all else, GO DAWGS.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Feelings for this game are running the gamut across Bulldog Nation:  nervous, excited, confident, flatulent, optimistic, etc.

Me?  I'm nervous.  I don't doubt our ability to show up and man up.  I don't doubt our ability to score on them.  I don't doubt our ability to stop them in certain situations.
Yet, I'm nervous.  It's a good nervous like I know we're capable of beating them and damn sure might, as opposed to the taco fart nervous.
I'm concerned about special teams, costly TOs and protecting Murray.  That's it.

Rev thinks we're 2 TDs better than them and isn't afraid to say it while wearing his Clemson ernge.

Simple Man is nervous, but still thinks we'll win (not to mention that he'll be there live and in person).

Faithful reader Reeder 3:16 has already beat his wife and kicked his dog just out of pure angst.

How do you feel?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Can We Beat South Carolina?

I think it's safe to say both squads suffered from "looking ahead" syndrome this past week, but should be completely focused and on task this week.  If not, they need to quit and pursue another field of endeavor.
This is the the biggest game in several years for Bulldog Nation and it feels good to be sitting pretty.  We're healthy.  We have everyone available for action on both sides of the ball (ahem, Tree & Rambo).  GameDay will be there.  Chris Fowler will have his I HATE UGA shirt on.  Corso will put a penis on his head at the end.  We come in as 2.5 pt underdogs.  #5 vs. #6.  Yeah come on.

Now, we just surrendered 44 points to UT.  There is collective head scratching going on despite Grantham saying we played well.  We couldn't stop the run.  We couldn't get to Bray.
We didn't look good at all (in terms of what was actually expected entering the game) unless you subscribe to the theory that we didn't want to show all our cards on D (which I don't buy at this point in the season).  I think we got UT's very best effort combined with looking ahead on our part.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

3 years ago, we surrendered 45 points to UT and it served as the lowest point in the Mark Richt Era (perfectly put at the GA Sports Blog by TD).
Granted, things are much, much different now, but I don't like our chances of hanging 51 on SC if we give up 44 to them.  Not.  At.  All.

Matchup-wise, we're pretty even, but what scares me the most are their monster DE's and our green guys on the OL (especially Theus).  Murray might not have all the time in the world to throw and we really need to take advantage of their suspect secondary.  Our OL is going to have their work cut out for them to open up holes for Gurshall, etc.  The same goes for their OL vs. our DL (at least I hope so), but with heat coming on both sides and the line struggling to open things up could spell disaster.

I'm expecting a tight, low-scoring game and like our chances without special team disasters or costly TO's.

They'll be more preview-wise this week, but that's my take on it right now.