Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Feelings for this game are running the gamut across Bulldog Nation:  nervous, excited, confident, flatulent, optimistic, etc.

Me?  I'm nervous.  I don't doubt our ability to show up and man up.  I don't doubt our ability to score on them.  I don't doubt our ability to stop them in certain situations.
Yet, I'm nervous.  It's a good nervous like I know we're capable of beating them and damn sure might, as opposed to the taco fart nervous.
I'm concerned about special teams, costly TOs and protecting Murray.  That's it.

Rev thinks we're 2 TDs better than them and isn't afraid to say it while wearing his Clemson ernge.

Simple Man is nervous, but still thinks we'll win (not to mention that he'll be there live and in person).

Faithful reader Reeder 3:16 has already beat his wife and kicked his dog just out of pure angst.

How do you feel?

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