Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts on 9 game SEC schedule

I’ve mostly been in favor of adding a SEC game and getting rid of one of the “garbage” games.  The usual argument is that a 9 game SEC schedule is too tough and would basically do away with big out of conference games like Clemson due to potential lost revenue.  The idea being that the more home and home series you agree to, the more home games and revenue you’re losing each year.  Also, the simple fact today is that if you’re in the SEC right now, you don’t need quality out of conference opponents to sway voters or computers at the end of the year.  This may not always be the case however, ask Auburn.  Scheduling is especially tough for teams like Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina where we all have perennial in-state out of conference rivals.  We all get tired of beating up on Tech every year and would rather see a Ohio State, Oregon, or Texas but we’d all miss our little brother if he went away. 

It wasn’t that long ago that a season only had 11 regular season games, so it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.  1 more game in a season = 1 more conference game.  The problem is always money, now that the Universities have seen the extra cash 1 more home game brings in, they aren’t willing to do away with it just to appease the fans with a more competitive schedule.   It does seem crazy that we’ll play Clemson and Tech more often than some teams in our own conference but that’s the world we live it.  There is one benefit to keeping the 8 game schedule, I like the fact that the chances are smaller of seeing the same team in the SEC championship game that you’ve already played during the season.  Actually surprised that we’ve never had to play Auburn twice in less than month.  Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen anytime in the near future either with what our western rivals are trying to pass off as a football program.   Done with the tough preseason trash talk, time to focus.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The summer of 2013

Using the blog to share my summer trips with family/friends.  My family went on an Alaskan Cruise in mid June.  Left from Seattle with stops in Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria (Canada) and a ride through the Tracy Arm fjord to see the Sawyer Glacier.  The best videos of the whales are too large for the blog, so I'm only posting a small sample. 

I've also done some more 14er hiking out here in Colorado.  

Okay, let's get ready for some football.   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Signing Day Thoughts

Just a quick note for my thoughts on Signing Day.

Overall, I am satisfied with this class.  I understand why some people are complaining, we definitely missed out on more of the top in-state talent this year than usual, but I can honestly say the only prospect I'm really bummed about losing was Tunsil (who wasn't even an in-state prospect).  I think that was a huge loss, he seems like as close to a sure-fire prospect as you can get, as long as he stays healthy, and there just aren't too many of those elite-level tackles out there. So when you have the chance to get one, it hurts to lose them. 

Don't get me wrong, I would have LOVED to land Kamara and/or Adams as well, but losing them doesn't strike me as being as big a loss as Tunsil.  Of course, if we end up with a stretch next year where both Gurley and Marshall are injured, I will be singing a different tune.  But, we still got 32 guys and like most other things in life, recruiting is largely a numbers game, so hopefully we get a fair amount of future star players out of this class.

The Grantham news will be interesting to follow.  If he really did get on the phone with Davin Bellamy and assure Bellamy that he would be staying, it would look terrible to do a 180.  My gut tells me that Grantham fully intends on staying, but may go do an interview or two to test out what his market value is for future/current negotiations.  But.............we'll see.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For The Other Soccer Fans Out There - Gus Johnson the Voice of US Soccer?

I know, I know, signing day is tomorrow and nobody is thinking about soccer.  But since there seems to be very little (good) news for recruits making their decisions tomorrow on the UGA front, this caught my eye.

Richard Deitsch over at Sports Illustrated has an article up today saying that Fox is grooming Gus Johnson to be the voice of soccer in the US for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.  Now I like Gus, I know some people think he's over the top but I actually find him to be pretty entertaining.  I was suspicious about his move to college football but  I think he has handled the move pretty well.  And if there is an American voice out there that could match the energy of a  "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!" call like we hear from the Latin American/South American leagues, Gus is certainly the guy.

But really, I just don't think ANY American voice should be "the" voice for coverage in the US.  It's a tried and true method............hire one guy with a British accent, another guy with a Scottish accent, and let them call the games.  Whether discussing the condition of the "pitch", the "lovely" touch on a through ball, a "magical" effort, or whatever other soccer lingo, it just sounds so right with an accent from the United Kingdom, and so wrong with an accent from the United States.  Studio analysts are a different story, I enjoy Wynalda, Lalas,etc with their halftime and pregame stuff, but the guys calling the game need to speak properly, and in this case properly wasn't born/raised in the US.

Am I right?

(Also, going back to signing day, hopefully we pick up one or two more, but I'm still excited about this signing class.  Tunsil is a huge loss, he would have been great to have the next 3 or 4 years, but other than that it's a great class that addresses our needs).


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clowney Hit - Mortal Kombat style

More genius from LSUFreek.  He truly is the .gif master!

I thought it was bad when Clowney tossed Murray around like a rag doll last year, but this was as powerful a hit as you'll ever see.

As LC just said, if Murray decides to go ahead and turn pro, I kinda understand.